Re-connection. The power of solo-traveling.

DSC_6600xxSmall steps forward.

First Fernweh pics photo exhibition Re-connection is still ON until the end of October in Impact Hub Brno – come and enjoy it 🙂 Impact Hub is a perfect place for my photo exhibition about the power of solo traveling. “Here is to the people who want to make an impact, to those who work for a better world, to the ones that have the courage to dream, believe and act.” – is written on their walls, and as well somewhere in between of my lines guiding you through the photo exhibition. We all have dreams. Fulfillment of some of them could have a great impact on our future steps, could be a reason why and how we go forward. As was my case of solo travel and volunteering in South America.

Let me share with you how was the opening event of Re-connection.

Heartwarming. Inspiring. Energy giving. Full of gratitude. Laughs. Joy. Family, friends, colleagues, nice strangers and travelers. Craving for an adventure in the air. Fulfillment and sense of contribution. Something was moved inside 🙂

“She believe she could, so she did” – only thanks to the people who got excited by the idea, the strong impact of traveling on our personality and freedom, and decided to support me to make this happen. Thank you ❤ 

Especially to my sponsoring partners Copy General CZ and Nešpor & Rajský vinařství, humans in Impact Hub Brno and my deeply supporting family and friends.

So – just go!

Happy traveling to everybody 🙂


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