by definition known as an ache for distant places; the craving for travels or simply being homesick for places you’ve never been to.

Been there? Than keep on reading : )

fernweh black

My newborn baby, photo-personal-brand expressing my passions, character, direction. Can you see mountains? Freedom and choices that they offer you? Their diversity? Wilderness? Purity? Balance? Softness? Desire to explore and challenge yourself? Ongoing wondering and wandering? Inspiration? Re-connection with yourself? And last but not least, passion for South America (have you recognized Fitz Roy)? I do see that. This (and much more) is what Fernweh pics express for me.

Wanna hit the road together? Follow me.

Who is behind Fernweh pics?

profile pics SAM_4013xx

Šárka Martínková, born in the Czech Republic, with Czech heart but gypsy nomadic soul.

What I’m doing, I love doing it and wanna keep on doing it? Who am I?

  • woman – wild at heart; dancing flame. choosing and creating freedom, joy, love and fulfillment moment to moment, through the way of being and doing, empowering other women to re-connect with their raw being and feminine power and to live untamed life they wantdancewithlife6
  • traveler – globetrotter; preferably outdoor/nature; as a low-cost alternative backpacker/hitchhiker/solo traveler/Couchsurfer; going for local places rather than mainstream ones
  • volunteer – there is some special drive, inner motivation that brings cool results in learning and experience; the best way how to experience foreign country locally. Great know-how about EVS, Workaway, HelpEx, WWOOFing.
  • photographer and blogger
  • youth worker, leader, project coordinator – enthusiast for the power of non formal education, personal development trainings; PR, Project and EVS coordinator in NGO Brno Connected (Czech Republic), ex-EVSer and team member in Synergy Olde Vechte Foundation (The Netherlands)
  • creative – let me dream big… let me inspire and get inspired… let me fail and learn out of it… be in FLOW… and create!


Wanna know more? Share whatever is on your mind? Create something or work together? Or just talk?

Tell me. info@fernwehpics.com

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