02_15 Cooking as a fulfilling work?

What was the first reaction of my closest friends on fact that I would cook for 50 participants in one of Olde Vechte projects? Laugh!

And there we go with old concepts and never ending jokes about my historical after-party or mountain cooking art. “You will prepare fried peanuts with eggs for them? Or undone lentil, spinach with oats, or that pasta with everything?” Some of the combinations are more than 10 years old, but still legendary. By the way – try peanuts with eggs and ketchup after drinking hard, it may save your morning 🙂

I experience wonderful time. 10 days of cooking for Gender Unlocked project, in team of 4 of us (in cooperation with many others), loads of weird music motivation, silly jokes, lightness and excitement in the kitchen. What I loved so much about it?


– Peace and balance. Realization that what mood I’m bringing in is reflecting on others (and vice versa).

– Lead and follow. At the end both are pretty natural things connected with charisma of individuals and being able to stick to one’s decision.

– Love and care. Setting intentions each day that our food is gonna be amazing and tasty, allowed me to enjoy the whole process of cooking and put personal touch in it.

– Open space for creativity. To choose whichever path to reach the end, flexibility to make spontaneous decisions on spot, have trust inside of the team and feel free to experiment.

– Although it was more about the journey, how we went through this experience together and what I learnt from it, for me, great outcome on all levels, was something extra. Good extra.

– Good vibes. High level of energy. Gratitude in eyes and smiley faces from all participants and team. Inspiration. Fulfillment.

It was a good time when to put in practice good tricks and recipes I’ve learnt from our legendary Hungarian vegan-vegetarian-healthy cook Suzy (Zsuzsanna Pozsonyi), in combination with our own touch and creativity. Thank you Suzy and good luck with TrainingFood : )


Suzy at work. Photo copyright: http://trainingfood.hu/

02_15 So, what is there?

Wide Open Windows… Event Wise… Choice… Free Light…

Each training, each project here in Olde Vechte, imprints firmly some sayings, FB wisdom, thoughts and memories. Although I’ve been resisting training language that is widely used in my current environment, I just realized that my mind unconsciously partly adopted it. Funny, isn’t it? : ) So, what is there?

Frozen Ommen

Life is already working.

Stop. Look. Correct. Take action.

We don’t need a new field to play, but new eyes to look.

You are listening to your own listening.

Stick to your first intentions.

We are complete.

What is your question?

To see ourselves as a possibility.

To take a next step.

Universe applauds actions, no thoughts.

One clap for the effort.

What is stopping you?

How can you fix it?

If not now, than when?

And than what?

Pain is the price we pay for resisting life.

Who made you do what?

Keep moving forward.

Out of nothing we can create everything.

Game: when what is not become to be more important than it is.

What are you pretending not to know?

Do you want to be happy or right?

There is no good or bad, right or wrong – only if you say so.

You are welcome.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it go.

The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows

We are trying to change content. That is almost violent! We need to change context we are living in.

Sometimes we are beginners.

Give ourselves time.

Confusion is a good start.

Thank you for showing me who I really am.

I’m warmth.

Can we question our assumptions? Is it really true?

The best thing about past? It’s over.

Mistakes are OK. Corrections are OK.

It is a choice to get excited or not.

The quality of our questions influences quality of our lives.


Seems like I just need to give myself time to process everything. One thing is sure, I’m particularly grateful for all interesting and inspiring humans with whom we crossed our paths or got closer… For long night talks… Uplifting laughs… Open arms and empathy… Joyful moments… Kicking my ass when I deserved it… You are the big part of this experience and memories in my mind. Thank you for being!

Wide Open Windows, legendary peace group. Photo by Gyorgy

Wide Open Windows, legendary peace group. Photo by Gyorgy

Event Wise outdoor team

Event Wise outdoor dream team


Event Wise, Photo by George

Choice human beings. Photo by Cathy

Choice human beings. Photo by Cathy

Free Light happy team mates. Photo by DJ Aringa

Free Light happy team mates. Photo by DJ Aringa