I give myself permission.

Jim Warren PeleI give myself permission to be a volcano I am. I give myself permission to make steps forward regardless how big they are. I give myself permission to be vulnerable, to show up as I am, to be seen fully even with my imperfections and to step fully in my power. I give myself permission to fail and keep learning out of it. I give myself permission to keep going and following my heart longings.

More BEING, than DOING, that was one of my strongest intentions for the  I’m nature. I’m woman retreat, that we created for the women who are ready to re-connect with their raw being, their diving energy and strong feminine power.

The idea came out of my soul calling, to live wild and free. To tap completely into intuition and to step into flow . To create a safe space for more women, where we all could fully show up as we are, be seen as we are, hold a space for each other, heal what wants to be healed, reconnect with our inner sources of potential and transform them, into the light.

I’m still very deeply touched and thankful, for the beauty, power and little magic what happened here in oasis. Before retreat I worked on letting go of my expectations and images of expected results (who am I to know what each woman is coming for?), in order to be able to be present, open and in heart, rather than in my head. I connect to the emotions I wanted to feel, such as love, acceptance, authenticity, joy, fulfillment, empathy, presence, trust, openness and freedom, and they were my only inner guides along the way. Reminding myself to stay pure and create it out of love, moment to moment, the whole weekend was in a beautiful flow and full unexpected strong bonding moments.

We women, we have millions of emotions and feelings, we are soft and loving, and it’s not the weakness, it’s the major strength. We are a possibility. We are queens and in charge of our life journey. We are able to scream out loud, to howl to the moon, to laugh from the bottom of our stomach, to take a good care about ourselves, to hold you firmly, to love fiercely, to step into the power, to be practical, to decide and be ready to bear thecb04d797d5b946eb3a2fb2f48e961367 circumstances of our decision. We are able to dance naked around the fire, to be friendly and gentle with our bodies, to tune into the same heart beat, to drum wildly, to stay with the beauty of emptiness, to be fully present and radiate, shine our feminine energy. We say YES to unknown, we open our mind, body and soul, to make the inner work on ourselves, to grow. We face our fears and we take them on our journey, we break through our limiting concepts, we share openly when we are not ready yet, we embrace the support from like-minded women on their life paths. Once we stop comparing each other and competing who is better and more beautiful, once we appreciate and value what IS rather than what IS NOT, we create immense loving and growing power, within a women circle.

Inner earthquake and storm. We gave ourselves permission to stop play small and take
space, to shine and share our gifts.

aaa688efde4c1c852c16804d1f00adb0Dare to dream big. Hey, just a few months ago I wouldn’t have believed I was able to create such a space for inner growth, to create this big step forward. And I wouldn’t have made it without a great support of Teofana, my loving coach, friend, inspiring woman with deep, wild soul and big heart; without dear Andrea, who said YES to this idea, brought her natural feminine being and life experience into creative brainstorming, took a whole responsibility and amazingly led sweat lodge ritual, without Mirjam and Jurg who put a full trust in me and let become this dream to come true in their oasis, place, which powerfully retreats by its unique energy and natural beauty.

It wouldn’t have happened, if other women with their inner calling, with courage to open the big mysterious space within them, with decision to connect with the higher spirits, hadn’t decided to come and be a part of it. To create a circle of wild women. AHOE

“In circle, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you and there’s nobody behind you. No one is above you; no one is below you. The circle is sacred, because it is designed to create a unity.”


Te waka!

Embracing the womanhood, light, passion and dance with life.

With love,










04_15 Workaway #3 Art Organic Ranch

Imagine a place

… where you can live simple life

… where everything is built by human hands, with love and care

… which has own food resources and supports neighborly exchanges

… where sustainable way of living is followed

… where you have all time for yourself you’ve ever wanted and yet you are not wasting it

… where is so easy to connect with nature and yourself

… where art, inspiration, respect and peace are in the air

… where you work within international people with similar mindset, for well-being of others, making a change for future.

… where things makes sense.

Welcome to The Art Organic Ranch!

2 weeks in The Art Organic Ranch was another beautiful, already third experience within my Workaway  volunteering. Zsuzsi (Hungarian-Romanian) and Roger (American-Mexican) are really inspiring, lovely couple. The way how they care about everything, how they’ve created their home in ranch, what values they respect and the way how they open doors for strangers as me and welcome them to share this way of life with them, it is impressive!

Why I enjoyed it so much? Imagine also …

… to wake up fresh in the morning and see mountains

… to feel the fresh breeze

… to share a good local breakfast everyday (fresh cow milk, zakuska, home made butter, jam)

… to try all Zsuzsi’s delicious cooking and baking masterpieces

… to eat outside on the sun, sitting anywhere on the grass

… to do simple garden or other outdoor work, that will later bring fruits

… to learn tricks for planting veggies and cooking delicious stuff

… to see personal contribution into a growth of the place

… to be happy for a shower, consist of warm bucket of water

… to have long evenings for books, movies, talks, diary, guitar

… to wander around the hills of Apuseni mountains with clear mind

… to experience real local Romanian village-life style

… to enjoy simplicity of life and have fun

… to let your imagination go and dream big

… and much more, what is better to experience on your own : )

Never heard about Workaway possibilities and thinking about experiencing it?

Workaway works on base of cultural/volunteer exchange. For few hours per day (average 5 hours) of fair volunteering work most of the hosts offer food an accommodation in exchange. It is a perfect chance how to get familiar with local communities, immerse into culture and language, meet interesting likewise mindset people… Or just when travelling on budget, make a fulfilling stop in an interesting place. There are so many amazing projects, places, people and possibilities… Definitely recommendable! 🙂